Isles of Ascension

A Close Call
What a Fungi....NOT!

The party awoke from their slumber to a few surprises. First, Mara and Dor found that their connections to their respective deities were waning. Second, the body of Travis, the woodsman assistant of Zeke has been dragged away. The party decided to follow the trail of Travis’ body into the woods.

Given the rather obvious trail left by the body, the party was able to easily make their way to a clearing in the woods. In this clearing stood a small stone building and a wooden instrument standing over a deep hole. After brief discussion, the party decided to enter the small stone building and go down the stairs inside it, following the trail of Travis’ body. Once they reached the bottom of the stairs, the party encountered a small mushroom that began to loudly shriek. The party attempted (unsuccessfully) to calm the small fungus, then covered it with a small blanket and went further into the dark, stony structure.

Continuing through the area, the party happened upon a room with bunks. In it they found Travis’ body and the bloated, decaying body of another man that they didn’t recognize. Travis had dust-like material spread across his body and the other body had small mushrooms growing out of it. Dor started to tend to the bodies, preparing them for a proper burial. As the party attempted to deal with the terrible stench of the heavily decayed body, Mara came up with the brilliant idea to throw a fish (a red herring to be exact) into the room along with the body. The terrible bouquet of death and fish made Conash retch and relieve his stomach of its contents.

While this was occuring, Belshnickel wandered further down the hall without telling anyone else in the party. After turning a corner, he came face to face with a man-sized, walking mushroom and a bear with fungal growths erupting from its body. These beasts made quick work of Belshnickel, and by the time his friends had noticed his absence, Belshnickel was on the edge of death. The rest of the party defeated the monsters and eulogized the (believed) loss of their friend. Dor brought the two dead bodies and Belshnickel’s body to a room directly underneath the wooden structure that they had seen at the surface.

After some fierce discussion concerning whether the party should continue, a decision was made to investigate a few more rooms to make sure that they would not be ambushed when they tried to leave. Sari opened a locked door, which led to a room containing a bookshelf and a desk. After investigating the bookshelf (with Sari taking "Advanced Mining Implements’ and “Alchemical Arts” and Mara taking “No, Your Mother’s an Ore and Other Mining Jokes” to bury Belshnickel with) the party found a secret compartment containing an odd red tincture. Sari also investigated some notes and discovered that this area was once a mine.

The party continued on, with Sari taking the lead. He was surprised by three more fungal foes that engaged them. After a strenuous battle, where several party members were knocked unconscious, the party emerged victorious (barely). Licking their wounds, the party retreated to the room containing the bodies and took a short rest. It was during this time that Sari recognized that life still remained in Belshnickel’s tiny body, all while Conash made a funeral pyre for him. The group, relieved to be whole again. left the mine, taking the two bodies to the surface. Based on the fungal growths, the party decided to burn the more decayed body and to take Travis’ body to town.

After getting to town, the party met with Zeke and let him know of his employees death. Zeke gave the party Travis’ remaining wealth (after paying for his funeral) since Travis had no family and since the party had brought his body back. Based on the odd happenings, Zeke asked the party to continue investigating the mine, promising a reward to them if they did. The party then went to go get supplies, and in the process learned that Figgy might have some “herb”. After visiting with him and being provided with said “herb” (specifically oregano), the party also met with Zekir again, buying him a round of ale. The party also met with Beckel Halverstead, a halfling who told them of goods being stolen from his warehouse. The party was sympathetic to Beckel’s story and were torn over whether to continue investigating the fungus-filled fissure or help Beckel bring his bandits to the barrister.

A New Adventure Starts
Holy shit guys, it's a whirlpool!

Sari Falmirian, Mara Flintfoot, Dor Shattershield, and Conash Ironwood met below decks on a sailing ship in the middle of the Sea of Swords and began to play a rousing game of Admirals and Anchors. Soon after, they see the Cleric of Umberlee, who had been manacled to the mainmast for attacking a crew member, chew through his own hand to free himself. The cleric started praying and soon after the ship ran into a whirlpool. The party jumped onto Tenser’s Floating Disk and managed to ride it safely through the whirlpool. The fishing ship ALESSANDRA and her captain Zekir Metzi were nearby. After being flagged down by the conscious members of the group, Mara and Dor, the ALESSANDRA able to recover the party, along with the remaining survivor, Belshnickel Murnig, and the dead. After some brief discussion with Zekir where it became apparent that the party was no longer in Faerun, the ALESSANDRA made her way to the Temple of the Rising Tide.

After disembarking, the party met Ichthar Zurier and Suphenia Fingol, the Priest-king and High Preistess of Lucard. Ichthar began to interrogate the party concerning a hand that he claimed Lucard had shown to him in his dreams. When the party told him that the Cleric of Umberlee had a disembodied hand on his person matching the description, Ichthar had his men begin to search the bodies. When they were unable to find the cleric, Ichthar rushed off, stating that he needed to call a meeting of the Council of 6. After he left Suphenia attempts to calmly explain to the party that you were now in Navin with no known way to return to Faerun. She also briefly explained the story of creation of Navin and provided a note to Sari that would permit use of his spellbook (Kurobka in Navinian) without the proper licensing by the Church of Lucard. Since the party was not counted amongst the faithful of Lucard, Suphenia told the party that they would need to leave the temple. When the group returned to the ALESSANDRA, Zekir suggested that he take them to his hometown, Misthaven.

Once docked at Misthaven, Zekir suggested that the party find a place to stay, and suggested speaking with Beckel Halverstead to see if they could use of his unoccupied cabins. The party instead went to the tavern, known as the Black Stag, and met the proprietor Figeron " Figgy " Newport and the guard Vallard Daloui. Vallard asks the party to help him out by seeking out the Lumond Garrick. Vallard has been dancing with the blacksmith’s daughter in one of the Noble lodges that he guards and accidentally damaged furniture; Vallard believed that Lumond Garrick would be able to assist him in fixing the furniture.

The party left town along the beach heading East. After a few miles the party encountered 5 giant crabs which they eliminated (with gusto). It was here that the party first encountered Mara’s narcolepsy. Belshnickel then (unintentionally) pegged Dor in the face with a Red Herring. After resting for a bit, the party continued along the strand of beach until arriving upon a tense scene. An older dwarf woman was flailing about with a skeleton grasping her from behind, a skeleton to her side with a knife drawn, and a man matching the description of Lumond Garrick in deep focus, seemingly controlling the skeletons. After tackling the skeleton with the dagger and hitting Lumond Garrick (both times by Belshnickel) several times, the party realized that the woman was choking and the skeletons were attempting to perform the Heimlich maneuver on her (unsuccessfully due to poor form). Conash, quickly jumped to the woman’s aid and was able to successfully clear the food in her throat. After sorting out the misunderstanding and giving Lumond Garrick time to rest from his exertion, the party went back to town for Lumond Garrick to assist Vallard in his task. During the walk, the party discussed with Lumond Garrick some additional background info about Navin (The Tournament of Leviathan, the meaning of Kurobka and Lumond, The Lighthouse). As thanks for bringing Lumond Garrick, Vallard provided the party keys to one of the Noble houses for their use.

While the rest of the party was speaking to Vallard and Lumond Garrick, Conash went to the general store and bought some eggs. While there, he heard that the Warden, Zeke Thistlebark might have some work for them. The party decides to go speak to Zeke and he tells them of a break-in at Beckel Halverstead’s warehouse and of woods that seemed o continually encroach on the main road to the town. The party inquires about the creeping woods, and Zeke tells them that he sent one of his woodsman, Travis, out there to clear the road, but hadn’t heard from him in a while. Belshnickel successfully convinces Zeke that the issues was simply a case of treespopinupolis, which he could simply fix with red paint applied in the right way. Zeke pays them 2 gold up front for clearing the trees, with 3 gold after the has validated that the “cure” worked. Heading down the main road, the party sees a bunch of shrubs in the road, mostly blocking the way. After making their way through the small trees, they see a body which the party assumes to be Travis, and are attacked by the shrubs soon after. Following an arduous battle with the mob of shrubs, greatly assisted by Sari’s familiar Spoopy and his menacing crane-style moves, the party arose victorious and put out the small fires that Sari had started with his firebolts. As they bed down for the night, they hear a voice from deeper in the forest saying “pig beasts” angrily. Belshnickel attempts to hit on Mara unsuccessfully as she continues to angrily whittle.


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