Name: Ichthar Zurier
Title: Priest-king, Keeper of the Well
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 50


Ichthar is the high-priest of the Church of Lucard as well as the spiritual leader and, technically, king of Navin. Ichthar, like his predecessors, leaves day-to-day rule of the kingdom to the dukes and duchesses, only stepping in for decisions of great import (typically those that threaten civil war). His seat of power is in the Temple of the Rising Tide and he rarely leaves this location. He spends most of his days researching, meditating, and praying to Lucard and relies on his right-hand woman, and eventual successor Suphenia Fingol to accomplish most of the administrative activities of the church. It is said amongst the people of Navin that the only time Ichthar has been seen smiling is during the Tournament of Leviathan.


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