Mara Flintfoot

An acerbic Halfling cleric of Lathander who likes money.


The Halfling stands at 2’11", though Mara will insist she is 3’ exactly. She has pixie-short brown hair with a small braid that hangs by her left ear and brown eyes as well. Overall, she has a fairly tanned complexion, and a faint scar on her jawline that is nearly impossible to notice upon first glance.

Currently held as a prisoner of the state by Duke Donadin.


A woman with a sharp tongue and blunt nature, Mara Flintfoot prefers to let her actions speak for her, rarely directly shares her own feelings on any given situation. She is the type of person who gets defensive easily, and when angered, will either become a raging storm of swears that would make even the most potty-mouthed sailor blush, or fall into a chilling silence and cast furious looks at whom/whatever has angered her. It’s a fifty-fifty chance of what you’ll end up with, to be honest.

Yet in spite her harsh attitude, Mara is fiercely protective of those she cares for and is actually quite kind, though she denies it constantly. Just as she relies on her actions to speak for aggression, she views actions and gestures as meaning more than simple words ever will, as one cannot take back their actions as easily as they can their words.

(Will add as revealed)

An old friend of Sari Falmirian from their hometown of Colkirk, he and Mara are very close, herself often taking on something akin to an older sister-like role towards the young lad. Although she has her concerns about his wanting to keep traveling with the others and has voiced them as such, she has chosen to stay with Sari, if nothing else than to watch over him and keep him safe.

Belshnickel Murnig’s attempts at flirting have been met with annoyance and aggravation from Mara, as well as his tendency to rush forth with little warning to the party. She does, however, admire his strength in battle and helpful nature towards others they meet.

As for the human druid Conash Ironwood, they become quite the vitriolic friends, exchanging insults while still watching out for each other’s back. Though they do not always meet eye to eye, Mara values him as an ally as much as any.

Being the only other in their group with strong ties to the old gods, Mara sees Dor Shattershield as a respectable and reliable member of their group, albeit a bit of an odd fellow.


  • She suffers from a mild form of narcolepsy, and has fallen asleep in the middle of battles before, as evidenced by the battle with the giant crabs.
  • Mara can cook, having years of experience dealing with Sari often forgetting to eat when he gets distracted by his studies. She primarily makes homey meals that fill the belly fast, and tends to rework any leftovers into new meals.
  • Mara also enjoys whittling and often does so whenever she has some downtime.
  • She adores Spoopy and finds him utterly adorable.
  • Mara is definitely a morning person, as one might expect of a cleric of Lathander, and it is probably the only time of the day in which one would find her in a good mood. If one’s lucky, she might even crack a smile or two.
  • Also as a result of her devotion to Lathander, Mara takes life and death extremely seriously, and believes that both are final, i.e, no coming back once on has passed on. Because of this, she has a minor fear towards undead creatures, whether they be hostile or otherwise.

Mara Flintfoot

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