Cleric of Umberlee


Name: ?
Title: Cleric of Umberlee
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: ?


During the parties ill-fated voyage on the Sea of Swords, this cleric attacked a crewmember for calling Umberlee, “That old bitch”, resulting in his being manacled to the mainmast. While the party was playing a game of Admirals and Anchors, the cleric chewed through his own hand, self-cauterized the wound in flame, inflated a waterskin, and began to say prayers. Soon after, the ship was headed for a whirlpool. The players attempted to stop the cleric, but he shrugged off every attack. The last that the players saw of him, he was still sitting in prayer as the ship began moaning her death cries.

Cleric of Umberlee

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