Dor Shattershield

The big small guy

  • Streetwise but still a spoiled child at heart
  • Handles his PTSD like a kid on a sugar high
  • Normally mousy outside his outbursts though
  • Impressionable but principled
  • Sees good as relative
  • Never really planted roots. Treats life as an endless voyage for learning and betterment

He is fat; looks like a thumb from afar and I think Russell from Up does him justice, just a little leaner and sunbaked. They both seems preoccupied and are hoarding stuff they probably won’t use.

He is also not much of a dresser. As long as long exposure is dealt with, nothing else matters.


Born kin of a hero that fell many beasts and achieved many feats. The Shattershields were celebrated along the White Planes but fell to infamy as less and less of the family took the adventuring career. Blame the halflings’ modesty and their love for food and family gatherings.

Dor was very much like that in his early teens until the threat of the necromancer Mithrandir and his unending legion of the dead brought blight to their hamlet. Driven by panic and desperation, he ran as long as he could, losing consciousness every now and then. Blood and battle plagued his dreams only to be quenched by a light that grew clearer and clearer each day.

He awoke one day on a comfortable bed with a stranger afoot. Our twitchy Dor grabbed a chair and tried to create distance between him and this stranger. A gentle and mild mannered man who identified himself as Rudolph explained his position, took an ailing halfling from the streets, in his addled state, took him in, cared for him, and complied his blind search for sanctuary. As clarity returned to Dor, he realized he was in a temple. He blurted out the tragedy of his village, the threat of the undead, and the rest of his plight, repeated it in front of the rest of the disciples but was heard with weary ears.

They took it as a delirious dream by a boy near the edge of death. Mangled by fear and anger, Dor pleaded for help and training so that he, if not the temple could bring swift vengeance to the dread wizard Mithrandir. Without looking back, Dor journeyed temple to temple, shrine to shrine, garrison to garrison, in search for ways to combat the undead and those who influence them and are influenced by them. Little did he know of what the gods have in store.


The Exemplar: going through the path of idealism, you could prefer to set the example rather than chastise everyone about it. If people see that being Good is its own reward, and that the reward is good, then people will turn to Good in a heartbeat. You’re probably nice to people, willing to help in every bit, and eager to accept change, because change is possible. Just remember: you’re there to set the example. Sometimes, setting the example means showing why Evil doesn’t pay. The Exemplar doesn’t have to be ALWAYS nice; just pepper that niceness with some grimness, and you’re set for life. People will want to be in your nice side rather than seeing the bad side come forth. Maybe being grim hurts, but eventually, you’ll let that sit aside. You’re willing to forgive and forget, but eventually, when the CN fool believes that he finally got into your nerves, you gently set the example of why it’s not nice to play with the Dragon. Gently set the example to the haughty mage who thinks he can solve everything that there are bigger fish to fry. Just know when to smile.

Dor Shattershield

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