Sari Falmirian

A Innocent childlike Half-elf with a bright smile and magical prowess.


A short Half-Elf, Sari Falmirian is a talented Wizard and childlike person. He’s five feet tall, with ruby red hair that goes just passed his shoulders, jade green eyes, and alabaster skin. He has a very clear complexion and looks much younger then he appears. Most people mistake him for a teen rather than an actual adult.

He wears a intricately designed outfit. A red robe with white patterns running along the trim, a black undershirt with gold trim, black tights and red boots with leg and arm covers. At his side at all times is his Elvish spellbook with his families noble crest on it. He also carries an ornate magical staff and at the top sits a crystal ball which Sari uses as a arcane focus for his spells.




(Will add as revealed)

As of now the only person who knows anything to Sari’s old life is Mara, though the others in the party have heard the two talking about a town they lived in called colkirk. Having stated that it’s not a very great place and is kind of a nowhere sort of town.

Mara Flintfoot is one of Sari’s best friends from the town of Colkirk, although the two started out with some uneasiness, mostly from Mara, Sari has managed to befriend her and will protect her from anyone who tries to harm her.

Belshnickel Murnig is one of Sari’s newest companions. Although he doesn’t know too much about him just yet, Sari believes in time he’ll be friends with him. After all he is a friendly person it would seem.

Conash Ironwood is one of Sari’s newest Companions. Sari isn’t sure what to make of this forest man just yet. Although he would love to ask him about what his magic is like and learn whatever this man could tell him of the forest he grew up in.

Dor Shattershield is one of Sari’s newest Companions. Sari isn’t entirely sure of who Dor is, although he would love to get to know him, his opinion’s on him are still being decided.

Spoopy Sari’s familiar, a red panda. Spoopy is love Spoopy is life and he also is a master of the crane style. Spoopy loves to play with Mara and cuddle up to her or wrap around Sari and even sleep in Sari’s bag. Spoopy now likes to sit on top of Belshnickel’s head sometimes and is known to help in many ways in combat.


  • Sari has a craving for knowledge and loves to interrogate people for information about things he’s interested in.
  • He loves when Mara braids his hair for him
  • Sari has been known to take his studying to the extreme, so much so that he forgets to eat and sleep. Usually Mara will make sure that he takes breaks or is fed.
  • Spoopy usually wraps around Sari’s neck tucking himself away and blending in as a fur scarf or pelt. Combined with Sari’s hood being pulled over his head usually makes him look very unsuspecting and quite fashionable.
  • Sari has a tendency to stop whatever he’s doing or even just not listen and study creatures anatomy and research about them, taking care to make sure he captures all details.
  • Sari is a somewhat talented artist which has helped him immensely when learning about new creatures or even just drawing wildlife that he sees.

Sari Falmirian

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